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Functional and Attractive: Crowns and Bridges Dentistry in Lower Sackville

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Crowns and bridges are common dental procedures. Crowns effectively re-surface or strengthen damaged teeth or implants while bridges are meant to hold an artificial tooth or teeth into place by affixing it to the two neighbour teeth.


A crown caps a damaged tooth or implant with a particular substance like porcelain or ceramic. The substance is chosen to match the colour of your original teeth and is shaped over your natural tooth in order to provide better alignment, strengthen a weakened tooth or form a more attractive surface.


If you have a space in your smile where one or more teeth are missing, we at Sackville Dental Centre may suggest a bridge. Bridges keep your surrounding natural teeth from shifting out of alignment. Your dentist will place crowns on the remaining teeth on either side of the space, and then attach artificial teeth to both crowns. In this way, your gap is filled and your bite is saved. Once in place this cannot be taken in and out like a partial denture.

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